Trauma informed care is an approach to providing care that recognizes and responds to experiences of trauma. We do not know what other people have been involved in, exposed to or otherwise stressed by. Trauma is typically understood to be caused by an event that has potential to be harmful physically or emotionally and may have long term effects on them. Our team of professionals are aware of this and as a result as we approach and individual(s) we offer them a 'Why I am here' statement by approaching a person in potential crisis or conflict by introducing ourselves and asking their name. We then let them know 'Why' we are there. When we give our 'Why' we are giving people an opportunity to understand and respond. We also respect their personal space by not invading or approaching too hastily which also keeps us aware of our own personal zones as well as the personal zones of others. Our team of professionals realize it is important to realize that being in other people(s) personal zones may make them uneasy or create unnecessary anxiety.