Security: Worthy Expense?



Some may consider security an expense that may not contribute to revenue, but nothing could be
further from the truth. People who feel safe are more likely to have a satisfactory experience, which enhances the reputation of the facility and attracts more guests. With the ‘in your face and at will’ social networking and overall online experiences there is an increase in online shopping for most
industries. By simply Googling a business entity or facility by name you can pull up any online reviews both positive and negative thus providing the consumer with an assessment to make considering choosing you or your competitors for their business needs.  

Properly designed and maintained security programs protect employees, clients and guests from violence, nurture a culture of safety, resilience and help employees, clients and guests feel supported and safe. Supported employees whom feel safe are more engaged, enjoy higher morale and are more capable of delivering a high
level of care to your clients. The fact is that good security increases safety and
profitability and is essential to delivering a high-quality experience.

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