When an individual is in conflict or crisis, our interaction with them is either de -escalating them or escalating them. Can we always de-escalate everybody that is in conflict or crisis? The answer is obviously NO; however, we can always de-escalate ourselves. Our team of professionals are trained in the art of de-escalation and are aware of their own HOT BUTTONS. Being aware of our own HOT BUTTONS is a great de-escalator because when our HOT BUTTONS are pushed, we get triggered, and then we react and when those reactions are strong, we can lose control and over or under respond. Another de-escalation technique are professionals are trained in is the form of an acronym QTIP which equals Quit Taking IT Personally is to remain a professional in all situations and NOT take it personally and let our HOT BUTTONS get pushed. Another area in the art of de-escalation that our team of professionals are trained in is Interpersonal Communications which involves Active Listening, Influencing, Persuading, Emphasizing and Diplomacy. We understand that all encounters and interactions deserve us to truly be in the moment and in the conversation regardless if that conversation is with our own internal team to our clients, to tenants of our clients to the general public. You can expect our team of professionals to truly be in the moment with you and put the cell phones in our pockets, listen and respond timely and appropriately. Did you know that over 90% of our communication is non -verbal and most people are unconscious of their non-verbal communications? Someone crossing their arms may indicate to some that the listener is just not interested in their concerns whereas; a rigid body and posture can send signals of impending attack. We strive to maintain a professional presence while also remaining customer friendly, authoritative, command attention and if needed Defensive presence.